Thursday, January 6, 2011

A work in progress is like a chess match.

So I'm working on this feature, right? Right.

It's become a game of chess now. The scenes have to be played out really well or else the flow doesn't make sense.

I'm trying to add a dynamic to the flow of the film with the lead character.

Another challenge that I've decided to set for myself is that I'm keeping the entire movie solely in the main character's perspective. He's going to be in every scene in the film. The audience will be learning everything as he does.

This could work, or not. I'm banking on that it works though. I've got to maintain enough entertainment throughout each scene now. I'm taking my philosophy of writing shorts and putting that into a feature film form.

It's harder than it sounds. It's hard not to be judging yourself too extreme on whether or not it'll be a boring script or not.

For now I have to keep working at it and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work... I can always reshape it again.

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