Friday, July 30, 2010


Production has been kind of meh on Suburbanite. There's going to be some serious changes to this picture. There's something that I feel is holding me back on this project and I'm not happy with it.

I've been working on a bunch of new scripts lately. I'm working on my feature script again. I've pretty much kept the basis of the original and started from the ground up again. I'm liking the outline of it thus far.

I'm developing some other projects too... Certain things I can't get too into detail right now.

I've been going over a short I wrote last autumn and I've been talking with Randy about it. We both really want to make that film. It's a different film for us to make. I think it would be really really fun to shoot.

I'm gonna bring you more details soon to come.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some updates.

So Suburbanite has been on a brief pause. Ryan and I have discussed some changes that are to be made that affects the production.

So as if right now, we are re-scheduling the shoot and pushing forward. The production is going to go on more than we had hoped for... But that's totally fine, this is what we love to do. We'll shoot weekends until the start of 2011 if need be. We're not going to let it get that far spread out though.

I've started working on some other projects too. I'm developing some new concepts and reworking some older stuff.

I've taken a script I started working on earlier in the year and just retooled the entire thing. The basis of the film is going to still be intact but I'm just perfecting the script in it's entirety.

I'm gonna bring you more updates whenever I can... But things are looking quite promising.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One scene + two scenes = Ten pages within twenty-four hours

Lets see... Yesterday morning we got a four and a half page scene done. Today we got two two and a half page scenes done.

We're on a good streak right now.

I do want to do a quick pick up from yesterday's scene and possibly re-shoot some of today's stuff. One scene just seems too dark. I'm not happy about that, but it's okay. We got the scene done rather quickly, so I feel it could be done fast.

I'm pretty happy about how it's turning out. We changed one of the scenes around today. I started asking Randy a few emotional questions in regards to the scene and just told him to say that. It added so much more to the scene. We went to the point where the scene isn't lacking the depth needed but also not going too far with it either.

I couldn't have asked for better performances either. We have it all working great. Great chemistry between all of us working, so the environment is just awesome.

We're on a great roll. I'll be filling you in on more when the time is right.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Two scenes down... Suburbanite is officially in production.

We shot last night, first scene on the schedule. Pages 23 and 24.

I'm glad we got the most challenging scene first. New camera, new audio equipment during a night scene.

The lighting turned out really awesome. I was happy to see that. I got nice mixed lighting, the orange from the street lights then I made it look like the moon light cast into the car. The shadows were nice. I was pleased to see the footage.

The performances were excellent. We did a fair amount of takes, minor differences here and there, dialogue changes and all. Overall the performances came out natural and believable, which is the best anyone could ask for when directing a movie.

We finished shooting around two, everyone left around three.

Then we started shooting this morning around ten.

We did the scene where Ivan and Allison meet for the first time. I tried to keep everything moving at a good pace. I made sure we had a break here and there. It was hot today, so the last thing anyone would want is to get dehydrated.

I was feeling bleh about my shots until I looked over the footage. I'm pretty happy with the shots I got. I dunno, I always feel I could be doing better than I am. But I'm working on making sure I'm getting the best to my abilities and then some with the resources I have available to me.

The performances were fantastic. We couldn't have selected a better cast. Rebecca (playing Allison) is delivering the performance how I pictured Allison. Randy, I can't say enough good about Randy. He's pulling off the insecure, uncomfortable in his skin perfectly, without over doing it one bit... We put Randy in a Carbonas T-shirt, courtesy of Ryan's closet. Their 2007 LP was awesome, we're wanting to use one of their songs in the movie.

We're not shooting tomorrow, but we are early Sunday morning. We have a scene at the swings that I'm looking forward to shooting.

Suburbanite is a go, my friends. There's no turning back now.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's see what we have here.

Another productive day on pre-production with Ryan.

We bought a new audio recorder. It's all going to be recorded separately. This is a first for me. It was a good deal, $300 and is high quality loss-less audio. Records on four tracks. My boom fits right in, records onto an SD memory card. It records about 29 minutes per gigabyte, so Ryan's brother is donating some old 4gb SD cards for the film.

We also got more props.


And we have our new camera too! the Canon Rebel T2i. Shoots 1920x1080 HD at 24 fps. This is exciting. Very very exciting.

We go into production tomorrow... I have a feeling I'll be updating this again later this evening.