Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Let me tell you about my day.

First off Ryan and I bought some props. We need some vinyl records to smash in a scene. So we went to the Goodwill store and what did we find for $0.99? Two copies of Barry Manilow's Live LP. Let me remind you that this is a double LP. We got four discs for two dollars. What better albums to smash than a Barry Manilow album?

So far so good on that... We're gonna get some more though.

I called EVS today about the whole 35mm adapter ordeal. The guy told me about this system that's being used all over; The Office uses it, House just started using it, he said there's a good amount of multi-million dollar films that are using it too.

It's a Canon DSLR that shoots 1920 x 1080 HD 24 fps. It's cheaper than what we'd be spending on upgrading the rig we started building. I wasn't wanting to start shooting HD, but I'm really warming up to the idea. He even said we don't need to shoot in 1080, we can shoot in SD still. But I think I'm going to shoot in HD now. It sucks that I won't be using my beloved DVX-100 for this... But in the long run this will be more convenient and save more money too as well as look clean. No more using tapes either. Plus it's smaller and I'll be able to move around a lot more easily.

On top of that; EVS said that it'll take a few weeks for the achromat lens I need. Production would be pushed back so much. I don't want that to happen.

My only issue with the Canon is sound. We're planning to do some tests with it and see how it goes. The internal mic is mono but you can plug in an external mic and it records in stereo.

I'm really excited... Really, really excited.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Your daily Suburbanite pre-producton update

We did more location scouting today. We went to this one location at the top of the town that over looks the valley. The view will look great, especially at night when everything is lit up. The only problem is the lack of power outlets. We may need to get a generator for some of that. I believe that locations are all pretty much set now. We have options for everything too, it'll come down to which looks the best and which is the most easily accessible as well.

We bought a couple cheap lights too. Should work, 500w's each. I'll use my c-stands and get some weights to hold them down. I'll be able to easily use my gels on them too.

There aren't too many night scenes, so it's not going to be too much problem... But I plan on controlling all the lighting on the interior scenes regardless of the time of day. There are certain looks I want in each scene, so I'm going to be messing around with that.

I'd say the movie is pretty much completely cast now too.

Looks like we're heading on our way now. The camera needs to be situated, that's our biggest issue at the moment. That's the next step to complete.

We have some minor little things here and there left, like buying tapes and getting the schedule done... But other than that I'm getting ready to shoot.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Callbacks + Location Scouting

Starting off today with a bang. We had a girl come in for the role of Allison.

She was great... She was this character. Ryan and I spent a good hour with her. We spent more time talking and getting to know her than seeing her performance. I personally like to get to know the people I'm about to work with. This gave me a chance, because I already knew she was very good for the role, to see her personally. The more we talked with her the more it really did seem like she was Allison.

Ryan read with her and both scenes went off on improv. We did the scene where she meets Ivan for the first time. She pulled it off in a very sincere way. And the second scene we did involved a more emotional step for her character. She was finally opening up to Ivan. I liked it because she went beyond the script and started turning things on Ivan. This is some stuff I may end up using in the actual scene.

Ryan and I both agree on casting her for the role... So I think I'm gonna.

We also did some location scouting today. I think we have just about all the scene locations figured out. A lot of which show the housing developments in the background, which is good because I want to see that throughout the movie except in two scenes. We need to be reminded that he's trapped without feeling like it's beaten over the audience's heads.

I've got lots of shot ideas now, after seeing the locations... So I'm pleased. And we started planning out when everything's going to be shot too. All the Allison scenes are going to be shot close to the beginning of the schedule. We can probably get it done in a week's span.

Next step: Camera equipment and finish scheduling.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Auditions Pt II

Today I had a second set of auditions. Compared to the first set it went very well. Sitting in a room with three other dudes for a good six hours was fun and tiring. I'm so exhausted. It's like you have to put up this front with everyone who comes in because you know that they're just coming back at you with another one. I had my sister watch the front, Carlo, Richard and Ryan in the room with me. I feel more comfortable with a few people there with me.

We had about twenty girls come in for the role of Allison.

There were some good ones who came through, then there were some great ones too.

I'm going to be holding callbacks early next week for them to sit with Randy and work together. I need to make sure their chemistry works well with one another.

So I'm having one girl from the first audition come back then another four from today.

I think I know who I'm going to cast as the role already, but I've got to just make sure of it. A good healthy reading with Randy and the girls lined up is in order.

So all in all today was a huge success. I'm very glad that we held a second set.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today's Suburbanite update.

So we didn't shoot the short today... BUT we did learn more about the 35mm adapter. We're going to get it upgraded from the M2 to the M2Encore. As well as we're getting the MicroX for it too...

I'm not too fond of the lens we got so I'm gonna pick up a new prime lens 50mm. That'll be good for close-ups, medium wides and two shots.

Also, we're holding more auditions on Wednesday. I'm excited for that. I've been sending out the sides tonight. I'm hoping for a bigger turn out this time.

We've got some more scheduling and location scouting to do. So we'll have to take a look see.

Getting closer to shooting on Suburbanite!

Heavy pre-production.

Tomorrow Ryan and I are assembling the 35mm adapter, then shooting a short to test it. We're having Randy over to participate as well.

I'm making notes on the current draft of the script, so Ryan and I will go over that tomorrow too. I'm wanting to further bring out the character's emotional side. I don't have any major changes except in dialogue and some minor expansions.

Also, more auditions coming up too... And location scouting... And storyboarding some of the ideas out too. I'm excited cause the shots I have in mind are more cinematic than I usually do. I'm planning on taking even more time to get this exactly how I want in my head.

Suburbanite is getting closer to start shooting. I'm excited, really really excited.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Equipment update.

So I got a call from Ryan this morning saying that he just got the missing piece to the 35mm lens adapter.

Looks like I'm going to be shooting Suburbanite with a complete Redrock 35mm Lens adapter.

We were missing the lens mount that was needed to attach the lens to my DVX-100. He said it's coming with a 55mm lens.

This just adds to the challenge of the movie even more. I've never shot with a lens adapter. But it's going to add that much more to the movie itself.

It's supposed to arrive in about 5 days or so. When it arrives Ryan and I are going to spend an afternoon just assembling it and testing it out.

I'm very very excited.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recap on today's auditions.

So we held auditions for Suburbanite today.

I expected about half of who I asked to come to arrive... And that's what it was; roughly half.

The first person who came in was nothing short of amazing. I wish that I had a bigger role for him. I asked Ryan if he could expand the scene a bit to give him more screen time. He's definitely one guy I'm going to use for future projects.

The girls who came in were kinda mixed. There's about four I liked and one I really really liked. She didn't necessarily look the part exact, but she was very charismatic with the role. She said a lot with her eyes. That I liked the most.

I'm having callbacks for those girls I liked and possibly holding some more auditions (if need be) after I come back from vacation.

We now have five of the roles cast. One more major role and the rest can be cast very easily. I think Ryan and I are giving ourselves a quick speaking cameo too. So that's going to be interesting how that goes over.

We're getting close to the shoot date... The pressure's on.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Updates on the feature.

Ryan and I met up to discuss the script. The rewrites are awesome. There's gonna be more of a focus on the friends versus the girl involved with the main character. It's an interesting spin on the genre.

I'm really excited to start shooting this.

It looks like it'll be about a month's total in shooting.

Auditions are still next week. That's exciting. I've started drawing some shots I have in mind down. I'm going to start loosely storyboarding this thing within the next day or so. Ryan has to send me over a more updated draft of the script.

I'm excited to get this film up and running.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Auditions next week as well as other fun pre-production updates

The auditions are going to be held a week from tomorrow; June 9th... I'm excited for this. New people to work with. It's gonna be a long day but oh well, it's worth it for a good cast.

Ryan and I auditioned one person already for one of the roles... We're still talking about him.

BUT we do have Randy Reynolds and Cory Zacharia from Buddy.

So now Ryan and I are onto other aspects of pre-production. We're getting all equipment ready, all the tapes we need. We're going to be location scouting this week. We know where we want to shoot, I just want to make sure I definitely like the places.

I'm getting my shots are preplanned now too. I'm excited about that. I've got some cool ideas, I know how I want to open the film. I had Ryan rewrite it to fit what I saw in my head...

I'm excited.

We start shooting the third week of June.