Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Your daily Suburbanite pre-producton update

We did more location scouting today. We went to this one location at the top of the town that over looks the valley. The view will look great, especially at night when everything is lit up. The only problem is the lack of power outlets. We may need to get a generator for some of that. I believe that locations are all pretty much set now. We have options for everything too, it'll come down to which looks the best and which is the most easily accessible as well.

We bought a couple cheap lights too. Should work, 500w's each. I'll use my c-stands and get some weights to hold them down. I'll be able to easily use my gels on them too.

There aren't too many night scenes, so it's not going to be too much problem... But I plan on controlling all the lighting on the interior scenes regardless of the time of day. There are certain looks I want in each scene, so I'm going to be messing around with that.

I'd say the movie is pretty much completely cast now too.

Looks like we're heading on our way now. The camera needs to be situated, that's our biggest issue at the moment. That's the next step to complete.

We have some minor little things here and there left, like buying tapes and getting the schedule done... But other than that I'm getting ready to shoot.

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