Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recap on today's auditions.

So we held auditions for Suburbanite today.

I expected about half of who I asked to come to arrive... And that's what it was; roughly half.

The first person who came in was nothing short of amazing. I wish that I had a bigger role for him. I asked Ryan if he could expand the scene a bit to give him more screen time. He's definitely one guy I'm going to use for future projects.

The girls who came in were kinda mixed. There's about four I liked and one I really really liked. She didn't necessarily look the part exact, but she was very charismatic with the role. She said a lot with her eyes. That I liked the most.

I'm having callbacks for those girls I liked and possibly holding some more auditions (if need be) after I come back from vacation.

We now have five of the roles cast. One more major role and the rest can be cast very easily. I think Ryan and I are giving ourselves a quick speaking cameo too. So that's going to be interesting how that goes over.

We're getting close to the shoot date... The pressure's on.

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