Monday, June 28, 2010

Callbacks + Location Scouting

Starting off today with a bang. We had a girl come in for the role of Allison.

She was great... She was this character. Ryan and I spent a good hour with her. We spent more time talking and getting to know her than seeing her performance. I personally like to get to know the people I'm about to work with. This gave me a chance, because I already knew she was very good for the role, to see her personally. The more we talked with her the more it really did seem like she was Allison.

Ryan read with her and both scenes went off on improv. We did the scene where she meets Ivan for the first time. She pulled it off in a very sincere way. And the second scene we did involved a more emotional step for her character. She was finally opening up to Ivan. I liked it because she went beyond the script and started turning things on Ivan. This is some stuff I may end up using in the actual scene.

Ryan and I both agree on casting her for the role... So I think I'm gonna.

We also did some location scouting today. I think we have just about all the scene locations figured out. A lot of which show the housing developments in the background, which is good because I want to see that throughout the movie except in two scenes. We need to be reminded that he's trapped without feeling like it's beaten over the audience's heads.

I've got lots of shot ideas now, after seeing the locations... So I'm pleased. And we started planning out when everything's going to be shot too. All the Allison scenes are going to be shot close to the beginning of the schedule. We can probably get it done in a week's span.

Next step: Camera equipment and finish scheduling.

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