Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Auditions Pt II

Today I had a second set of auditions. Compared to the first set it went very well. Sitting in a room with three other dudes for a good six hours was fun and tiring. I'm so exhausted. It's like you have to put up this front with everyone who comes in because you know that they're just coming back at you with another one. I had my sister watch the front, Carlo, Richard and Ryan in the room with me. I feel more comfortable with a few people there with me.

We had about twenty girls come in for the role of Allison.

There were some good ones who came through, then there were some great ones too.

I'm going to be holding callbacks early next week for them to sit with Randy and work together. I need to make sure their chemistry works well with one another.

So I'm having one girl from the first audition come back then another four from today.

I think I know who I'm going to cast as the role already, but I've got to just make sure of it. A good healthy reading with Randy and the girls lined up is in order.

So all in all today was a huge success. I'm very glad that we held a second set.

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