Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Auditions next week as well as other fun pre-production updates

The auditions are going to be held a week from tomorrow; June 9th... I'm excited for this. New people to work with. It's gonna be a long day but oh well, it's worth it for a good cast.

Ryan and I auditioned one person already for one of the roles... We're still talking about him.

BUT we do have Randy Reynolds and Cory Zacharia from Buddy.

So now Ryan and I are onto other aspects of pre-production. We're getting all equipment ready, all the tapes we need. We're going to be location scouting this week. We know where we want to shoot, I just want to make sure I definitely like the places.

I'm getting my shots are preplanned now too. I'm excited about that. I've got some cool ideas, I know how I want to open the film. I had Ryan rewrite it to fit what I saw in my head...

I'm excited.

We start shooting the third week of June.

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