Friday, May 14, 2010

Pre-production for next film...

First off let me tell you that Buddy is about to be sent to festivals all over. I'm liking that movie except for some minor little things that I keep tinkering with. I'm at the point of finally letting go though. I'm already getting pumped for this summer's film...

Ryan and I got together tonight and went over the script for the next film. I gave him some more notes and we started talking about some changes that need to be worked out.

We started making our lists for all the pre-production work that'll be needed: new equipment and estimates of money we'll need.

We're getting our audition sides all ready and going to begin that process within the next week or so. We're looking at a start date of the third week in June.

That gives us enough time for everything that's needed, rewrites included.

So right now we're starting to schedule the shoot. I think we're going to be saving all the single scenes for last and all the others with more than one character up front.

I'm thinking of shooting the ending first on this one.

This is going to be big. Definitely a new challenge for me, next plateau...

I'll fill you in on more details very soon.

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