Saturday, November 14, 2009

Updating for the sake of updating.

So read the new draft of the script today... So far so good. I think we're really close to start shooting. Next Friday we're going over one more draft then Saturday we're trying to get together with the potential leads of the film.

I made some changes with dialogue. Certain phrasing of the sentences to meet what I feel is the characters.

It's going to be a good film. Lots of fun to shoot... Ryan knows what he's doing... Or he's at least convincing enough.

So I'm going to be updating the entire process after it really begins to kick off... Right now we're getting ready to launch this beast. Nothing but pre-production for right now. We've got to get a strategy lined up before we go.

On top of this next film I've been developing a long run project. More information is coming on that as well.

I'm excited for that nervous feeling before shoots.

Until next time guys...

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