Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top five student film clichés!! [opinions included]

Student films... What can I say about them? Like all movies there's the good and the bad. Plus it's all subjective.

You might want to retool your script if you have these.

Top five student film clichés...

1. Drugs... Why is it that so many student films involve drugs? Chances are you have probably only smoked weed in your life... That doesn't mean you should create a cocaine subplot in your film. You can make a great film that doesn't involve a junkie in it.

2. Movies about making movies... I think I've seen this more often than coke binge films. Write what you know, yes, but don't you have other life experiences outside of making movies? I'm obsessed with film making and movies, but I try not to write about making movies.

3. Mob/Mafia/Gangsters... We're all guilty of this. Who hasn't watched Goodfellas or Casino and wanted to make a gangster film? I've done it; it's never been seen by anybody though. Right now it's not practical.

4. Wannabe Hollywood action... This kind of falls in line with #4 but it's safe to say action adventure is hard to make on a student film budget of zero dollars. Making Hollywood style films is something most of us long for when making films. Right now make something that reflects you.

5. Suicide endings... Honestly, I don't really get it. I guess it's a "really dramatic" ending for a movie. I know you want a huge impact, but it's kinda cheesy. Save it. Use your clever, creative mind to make something more with it. Not to say suicide isn't dramatic, it's a very sensitive subject.

Bonus opinion!!... Voice overs. I'll leave this one at that.

These aren't rules to live by, they're just opinions. That's okay to disagree... I'm just saying.

Until next time kids...

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  1. Thanks for the Cliché list! Now I know there are things to avoid when filmmaking. Great for someone starting out.