Friday, November 20, 2009

Pre-production and the tasks that come with it.

Lets go over pre-production and what's involved with it... I'm keeping this simple for now. [I'll probably expand some of the steps into their own post later on.]

By this point you should be getting your script finished... I'm sure you'll make minor changes even up to right before you begin shooting.

What you're going to want to do now is break down your script to individual scenes and number them... This can help you budget your time and money. You can make schedule call sheets that include the locations, props, wardrobe, cast in the scene. This is what the producer should being helping take care of.

Break down you're whole script like that... You're pretty much just making a check list scene-by-scene.

Casting is a very essential part of the pre-production process. Hold auditions to find your actors.

after you've found your actors, have a table reading. This is a good way to see what works and what doesn't work. If the actor is fumbling over their lines then talk to them so you guys can figure out how to make a more natural flow.

Finding locations is something you'll want to take care of now too. When you're scouting bring a still camera. You're going to want to make sure this is what you're wanting for your vision of you're latest opus.

Find the people you need behind the camera. Find your Director of Photography. Find someone to do sound and operate boom. Audio is just as important as video. bad sound can ruin your film. It can take the audience out of the moment.

Set a start date and begin...

I know it seems like a mess but this is all it takes for pre-production.

Until next time...

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