Friday, November 27, 2009

Don't be lazy: cast your movie.


Talk about important.

At this time you're deciding who will portray your characters on screen. Do you want some stale actor just reciting lines?

The answer is no... You don't.

Casting a bad actor can kill your entire film. Trust me. I've had to cut and cut and then re-cut my movies because of poor casting decisions.

I've cut entire scenes from films because of performances.

That's okay though because I've learned from it... Do yourself a favor and take my advice on this one.

First off I'm just going to say...
Whatever you do: DO NOT cast your friends! Chances are they probably suck. Have them audition if you really care that much.

Cast your films people!! Hold auditions!! I usually hold mine at school, but you can have them anywhere. Set it up in your garage. Set up appointments with actors and meet one on one at a coffee shop some place. Do what it takes.

Put in the effort!

You can find actors easy... I usually post audition notices on and The sites are easy to use and free for casting directors. The site will send out notices to actors telling them about your project. You'll be able to pick who you'd like to go audition for you... Invite a lot of people. Chances are most likely that all of them won't show up.

Don't just limit yourself to one day for auditions. Hold a couple of them. This will bring out multiple crowds.

Make some sides for the actors to read. Take a page from your script. Don't make it long though. One page will more than suffice.

Have some friends help you during auditions. Have one person outside sitting with a sign in sheet,
they can also escort the actors in too. (have the actors write down their name, phone number, e-mail address and the time they arrived). Have someone inside with you too to operate the camera. I usually have three people in the room (counting myself) during auditions.

Make sure you record the auditions so you can view them again later. Have people watch them with you. You'll be able to pull in many more opinions this way and gauge different reactions.

You'll be able to pinpoint exactly who you want in your film now.

Your film is going to be 100 times better now too.

Now you're one step closer to getting a good product.

Until next time guys...

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