Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm keeping you up to date with these convienient updates

I'm done with the first act. I'm looking at getting this all done within the next 14 days... Or less. Hopefully less. After the first draft I'll make my changes, cut some things then proceed to having the shooting script ready.

I want this to go into production immediately following Ryan Jameson's script. So pre-production will happen while shooting that. Both projects are seemingly dark... I'll fill you in on the details once it all falls into place.

Also... I started demoing out some songs. I've got about 31 tracks on cassette right now. I'm finding 10-15 that are solid so I can record a full album... I'm planning on recording it all on my 8-track. I think it'll give it a cool sound. I'm not really sure how to explain the genre. I'll just say punk/rock/indie/alternative/music/songs as the genre at hand.

Lyrics are going to be the hardest part I think. I have a good amount, now I have to get them arranged to fit with the right songs.

Until next time...

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